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K-pop singer Jessica is set to release a new mini album for the first time in six years on Nov. 22.

The new album, “Beep Beep,” will carry a total of six tracks led by a titular track which shares the name of the album.

Jessica also announced on her official social media that she is holding a tour in Asia, including stops in Singapore and Macao, after the release of her new album.

It remains unclear whether the singer will be promoting her upcoming album in South Korea as she has not been active in the country since leaving her former K-pop girl group, Girls’ Generation, in 2014.

After leaving the band, Jessica launched her fashion brand and has been active in China.

She made a name for herself in China by taking part in the third season of a girl group survival program, “Sisters Who Make Waves.”

The program featured female celebrities of at least 30 years old who compete to re-debut as a five-member girl group.

Jessica finished in second place to re-debut as a member of the girl group, X-Sister, which was formed from the show.

Jessica debuted in 2007 as a member of Girls' Generation, one of the biggest K-pop girl groups to date.

She parted ways with the band amid a feud with management company SM Entertainment over her fashion brand.




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