[Herald Review] 'Different, but in harmony'

직업 2023-12-12 02:31:14 9

In a mesmerizing display of cultural harmony and melodic beauty, a haegeum player in traditional Korean hanbok and an erhu player in a purple gown graced the stage together side by side.

Performing the double concerto for erhu and haegeum titled “Two Strings,” the two string musicians from Taiwan and Korea exchanged eye contact and melodies, creating a harmonious fusion.

The joint performance was held at the National Gugak Center in Seoul, featuring the Contemporary Gugak Orchestra affiliated with the NGC, and the National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan, associated with the National Center for Traditional Arts in Taiwan.

Aptly titled "Hwa Ee Boo Dong -- Harmonization of Korean-Taiwanese Traditional Arts," the concert encapsulated the essence of an ancient saying: “In harmony without forsaking one's identity.”




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