YG's new group Babymonster to debut on Nov. 27

직업 2023-12-12 03:59:01 4

Babymonster of YG Entertainment is set to debut on Nov. 27.

The agency on Friday released a poster showing the message, "Babymonster 2023.11.27 0AM KST," on a black backdrop, with a red V-shaped mark pointing downward.

Shooting for the group's music video, which began at the end of last month, has been completed, YG said.

"Babymonster members will (unveil) not only their own talents, but the identity of the team (through the video). To do this, YG mustered all the company's experience and knowledge in the five days (of shooting)," the statement read.

The firm also acknowledged how long fans have waited for the debut, which has been delayed for several months.

"We will give all the support we can to live up to the fans' anticipation. ... We'll now work on attaining the best outcome until the launch date, so please look forward to the promotional content (we) will be unveiling until then," YG said.

Babymonster is YG's first girl group in seven years since the debut of Blackpink.

The multinational seven-member group consists of three Korean members, Ahyeon, Haram and Rora, two Thai members, Chiquita and Pharita, and two Japanese members, Ruk and Asa.




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