[Herald Interview] Kiss of Life continues to describe different aspects of freedom through music

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Kiss of Life say they were born to be artists. Not only do they love producing music, singing and dancing, but they are also good at it.

“We also have a common interest in spreading positive energy with our musical talents. We love music and we are happiest when performing on stage,” said Belle, the main vocalist of Kiss of Life.

Just five months into its debut, the band has already won public recognition for its unique music style, as well as dancing and vocal talents.

“We were naturally born with these talents but we also invested a lot of time and effort to develop ourselves as K-pop artists. Our members Natty and Julie were K-pop trainees for a long time and I was in this field since I was in high school as a music producer,” added Belle.

Natty took part in Mnet K-pop trainee shows “Sixteen” and “Idol School.” She also debuted as a solo artist in 2020 with her first EP, “Nineteen.” But she chose to start over as a member of Kiss of Life instead of continuing her career on her own.

“I figured that I would be able to make greater achievements in a group than as a soloist. It was when I met with Julie for the first time that I thought we could make a great team. Then we were introduced to Belle and Haneul,” said Natty.

“We are really grateful for all the love we’ve received through our debut album. It motivated us to come back with a better album. We enjoyed the process of preparing for our new album ‘Born to be XX,'” said Julie, the leader of the group.

Kiss of Life made a rapid return with its second EP, “Born to be XX,” Wednesday.

The group’s new album also revolves around the keyword of “freedom.”

“We wanted to convey the message that there is always more than meets the eye. We sing about the need to get rid of stereotypes and break free from the fear of accepting something new in this album,” explained Belle.

The new album carries seven tracks including “Bad News” and “Nobody Knows.”

“Because we were loved by many overseas, we were able to include the English version of our title (lead) track ‘Bad News' in this album. I think they love our music because our music is highly influenced by pop and R&B. I also think that being a multilingual group has helped us better communicate with foreign fans,” said Julie. “This is our first time back after our debut. We returned stronger as professionals after working on our weaknesses.”




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