[Weekender] Behind the scenes of Korean food crazes

재무 2023-12-12 03:36:13 5337

Besides the enduring popularity of Korean staples, a series of food crazes has been providing fresh gustatory excitement in Korea, however temporary their popularity may be.

These trending foods span a wide array of categories, ranging from beverages and snacks to bread and noodles. Some are fleeting fads, while others become consistent sellers in the food industry. And then there are also those relinquish their momentary fame to other emerging culinary sensations.

Currently reigning supreme are Chinese candied fruit tanghulu and Meoktaekkang, a new twist on Korea's beloved classic snack Saewookkang. Yet, the question lingers: Will their popularity stand the test of time?

The sold-out effect

The desire for novel culinary experiences is often influenced by a variety of factors, but one of the key drivers is people's heightened interest in products that are limited in supply or have low availability.

In short, people desire an item more when it's hard to get.

The late 2014 phenomenon surrounding Honey Butter Chip illustrates the power of the sold-out effect and its potential pitfalls for manufacturers.




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